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We offer boutique pet minding for toy dogs under 14kgs.  Your dog is welcomed into our home and becomes part of our family. Our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Rough Collie are old hands at having guests join the family. Your dog will be regularly walked, play time with my dogs, playing fetch and other enriching games. We will also take your dog to visit the local fenced dog park, which is for dogs under 14kgs (only if you approve). With a doggy door allowing outdoor access during the day to play and enjoy the sunshine. Your fur baby will enjoy cuddles by the TV and fireplace at night and sleep in their own bed in our home. 

Only a limited number of dog guests will stay in our home at the same time. If you have more than 2 dogs in your home we can discuss and make an arrangement.

We want a safe and peaceful environment for your dog and our home. For everyone’s peace of mind:

  • We like to meet your dogs before confirming the booking

  • Bring your dogs up to date vaccination papers, C3 & C5.

  • You can check the security of the property

  • We can make sure all the dogs are social and happy together

  • Make sure your dog doesn’t struggle with separation distress causing damage to property or themselves.

  • Make sure barking is minimal. We look after our neighbours!

  • We ask that all overnight guests are bathed before arriving. Are wormed, flea and tick treated.

  • You are welcome to bring your dogs food and treats. We will follow your diet program. We encourage bringing your dogs base kibble to help keep tummies stable. We add fresh cooked meat and veggies to their meals.

  • We can provide photos and updates once a day on your dogs holiday. 

  • For special cases we offer board and training packages. Please ask us how it works.

New prices from 1 January 2020.

(All current bookings prices remain as quoted.)

$40 per day dogs +12 months of age

$45 per day dogs -12 months of age

$35 per day stays over 7 days +12 months

$70 per day 2 dogs from same household.

Fees are charged “per day” regardless of drop off and pickup time. Pick up and drop off times must be acceptable hours that don't impact our neighbours.


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