Reaching your goals

The Companion Training Program is for people with a development setback or disabilities. The core feature of this program is empowering the individual in owning their own dog.

How it works:

We will meet with the individual, the family and their roommates to get an understanding of their circumstance. We will listen to the individuals’ desires in dog breeds, traits and age. Afterwards, we will make suggestions but the final decision is with the individual and carers. The next step is to find the best dog breeders in the area and connect breeder with the individual. We will teach the individual how to care for, play, exercise, train and clean their new dog. This is followed up with dog obedience training. It can be a long process but for us, it’s all about empowerment, free will and safety.

Highlights of the Companion Training program:

  • The individual and carers get to choose the dog that is right for them.

  • We will find the best reputable breeder (one who undertakes health checks and responsible breeding) and match them up to you

  • We will educate the individual on how to care and look after a dog/puppy

  • We will work with your support team to make sure the individuals’ goals are being met

  • Finally, we will provide ongoing dog obedience training


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