Walking your dog is so much more than exercise keeping them fit and healthy. The sights, smells, sounds and interactions your dog has during each walk enriches their lives, allowing them to fill their emotional cup of what a dog needs in their life. It also assists in developing a positive association with the environment and their socialisation this creates a happier pet at the end of the day.

Picture your dog as a bundle of energy. Our job as responsible owners, is to ensure they get the chance to expel some of that energy in productive and enriching ways. Walks equal fun, stimulation, interactions, chance to toilet, bonding, obedience training and combine that all up with 30min of physical exercise and I assure you will get rid of a good amount of that energy. An under-stimulated and bored dog will look for ways to expel their energy on their own. This often leads to excessive barking, chewing and being overall restless, developing unwanted behaviours, shutting down when exposed to new things, having difficulty settling after an exciting experience. This is not your dog being 'bad', it is your dog having too much energy and no outlet for it to go.

Walks are also a great chance to implement obedience training. Having an artillery of commands to use while on your walk will allow you both to enjoy the experience more and do so safely and without incidents, while also improving the communication and bond between you and your dog.

How do our Dog Walks work?

All walks are completed between 9am to 5pm on the day you have booked

(Currently available on Monday, Thursday and Friday, unless arranged privately.)

Your dog will be collected from your home and walked for the allotted time around your neighbourhood and then dropped home safely. Once home safe and sound you will receive a completion text and photo of your tired pup at home.

As a free added extra you can also receive a text, with a map of the route your dog walked, photos during walk and comments, sent to you at the end of the day.

Have more than one dog at home or a doggy neighbour that you'd like walked together?

Let us know the details (2nd address) and we will let you know if it’s possible, and if any discounts can be applied.




30 or 60 min

Keep your dog fit, happy and healthy by getting them collected from your home and walked around your local area while you're at work


30 or 60 min

Your dog will be taught commands and 'road rules' throughout the walk to give you more control and make walking your dog more enjoyable and safer all round


2-3 hours

Give your dog a day out and about around Nepean Valley or the Blue Mountains. Let them explore, play and exhaust themselves!


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