Why does our NDIS program work?


Our programs work because we put a great deal of research into them and because we’ve all grown up believing dogs have a natural affinity to us. In all the stories we grew up with whenever humans let us down animals came to our rescue. Examples Black Beauty, Tarzan, white fang, Benji and Lassie to list a few. At a young age we’ve learned humans can be bullies but when we are at our lowest dogs will always love us. We use this belief to reach our NDIS clients to help improve their communication and socialisation skills.


People with intellectual disabilities live in a world with limited control over their life.  Their lives may be dependent on people with non-intellectual disabilities. Having or working with a dog allows people with intellectual disabilities to engage in activities where they have some control and experience working with another being. The relationship with the dog encourages the individual to participate in social activities, increase communication and to create new relationships. Don’t have a dog check out Program Two.

Our Programs

We offer two NDIS programs which connect people with intellectual disabilities with dogs. One program focuses on owning a dog and our other focuses on working with a dog. Our programs focus on education and encouraging the participant to be active with dogs.

Program One

Goal: Positive Dog Ownership Experience

The core of this program is to help get the participant find the right dog and to educate them on care. In this program we will do the following:

  • Meet with the participant listen to their needs and assess which dog breed will be for them. We also will advise the participant about possible lifestyle changes (cleaning and dog proofing the house).

  • We will search local breeders , recue shelters and kennels to find the breed you want.  We will go with you to meet the dog; we will offer support and ask questions on your behalf.

  • We can help advise and negotiate a price for the dog but the payment must come from the NDIS participant or carer.

  • We will help and check in with you for the first few weeks you have the dog and if needed accompany you to the vet (when needed).

Program Two

Goal: Social Engagement and Recreational time with dogs

The core of this program is to get the participant out into the community working, training or walking a dog in public. You do not need to own a dog for this program; we can supply the dog. This program covers:

  • Training a dog: In public or at home we will help teach all the basic and more advance commands. This covers private puppy classes to advance obedience training. 

  • Participant and dog walks: Yep, we’ve done heaps of bush and suburban walks. On the walks we will encourage social participation and awareness. 

  • Psychology visitation: We offer therapy dogs to help with private psychology appointments. We will explain the limits and capabilities of the dog to the mental health worker and give suggestions on possible actives.

  • This is a great stepping stone to experience dog care and responsibility for long term goals of ownership. A number of our clients have undertaken this service and are now responsible dog owners.

As of 30 June 2019, we have made the decision to de-register from NDIS until their process and policies improve for small business registered providers. We are however still happy to provide services to plan or self managed participants. Our hourly rate is $70.


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