Puppy School is one of the most exciting and rewarding times in dog ownership. You will learn how to communicate with your puppy at the same time your puppy learns how to read and understand you. Puppy training is very important because it allows us to address small problems before they turn into larger problems. A great example of this is if a puppy is fearful of thunder the longer they go being scared of it the harder it is later to help them overcome this fear. Puppy school is your first step into the wonderful world of doggy training.

Benefits of puppy school

  • Address and change puppies anxieties.

  • Puppies will gain confidence in you and understand your desires.

  • Puppies find training rewarding. They love to get out and socialise and it’s a time for them to brag to the world that you two are family.

  • Puppies and owners will learn foundation skills, such as come, look, sit, drop, settle on mat.

  • Puppy School offers support let our experts explain common myths and tell you how to care for your puppy.

  • Available for puppies aged 6 weeks to 6 months of age.

  • We provide private sessions for people that are unable to attend classes, be it shift workers or mobility challenges.

  • We provide a 4-week course, run once a week.

In our experience everyone loves puppy school it builds new friendship and is more of a social event than a heavy learning course. Puppy school is easy, rewarding and you will love it.

Give us a call or send a message to let us know when you would like a puppy class to commence!


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