Learning Good Manners

Dandy Dog Training offers dog training sessions that are both affordable and convenient. All training sessions require owner participation in the training process. Our experienced trainer will instruct owners on effective techniques that address certain behaviours, which can be anything from basic obedience to addressing problem behaviours. Training sessions are conducted in your home or in a public location that is close to where you live. We will travel up to 25 kilometres from our base location in Penrith, NSW, to conduct training sessions. Further distances are possible with an additional fee that is agreed upon prior to the lesson.

We use modern, proven, positive reinforcement training methods. The trainer will help build the relationship between you and your companion dog by first learning what motivates them in life then using that to create a thinking dog, a dog that makes good decisions without owners having to micromanage their every move. Dandy Dog Training finds dog training methods that work best for your dog’s personality and learning style and teaches you how to easily implement it into your daily routine.

We tailor private training sessions to your individual needs and methods can be modified to better suit the learning ability of your little fur ball.  All ages and short of stature dogs under 15kgs are welcome for private training. Lessons are conducted in the convenience of your home or in a public location close to where you live.

An example of some of the training sessions we provide:

Puppy training : 

Socialisation | Toilet training | Bite inhibition | Crate or Enclosure training | Recognise name | Look | Sit | Drop | Leave it | Give | Mat training | Settling | Husbandry

Behaviour training

Leash walking | Sitting politely while greeting people/ dogs | Mat training | Cafe Training | Hiking training | Family sessions (baby comes home) | Jumping on people | Digging | Barking | Counter surfing | Toilet training | Crate training | Therapy Dog Training

Training sessions are for 1 hour @ $70 per hour.

A 4 hour pre-purchased training pack paid up front is $240 ($60 per hour).

Payment is available by either direct deposit, credit card or cash.

For more information on private lessons, please contact us!





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