30 or 60 min

Your dog will be taught commands and 'road rules' throughout the walk to give you more control and make walking your dog more enjoyable and safer all round

Does walking your dog feel more like your dog is walking you?

One of our dog trainers will collect your dog from home and teach them 'road rules' and manners during a walk around your local area. Have your dog trained to behave during your daily walks and make them more enjoyable and safe for all involved. 

We offer loose leash training for puppies from 16 weeks once fully vaccinated and microchipped. A correctly fitted harness is required. We highly recommend purchasing a package of 30 minute training walks to start your puppy on the right track!

Dates: Walks are completed between 9am and 5pm on the day you booked. Exact times depend on your assigned dog walkers schedule for that day

Length:  30min or 60min

(We recommend booking several walks, including one which you can accompany to get the best results and ensure you are training consistently at home)

Location: Around your local neighbourhood

Price:  30min-  $40    60min-  $70  (+ free 20min one off consult/meeting)

Number of Dogs in Session: Maximum 1 only

Dog Age: All ages from 4 months

Vaccinations: All vaccinations must be up to date (copy to be emailed before walk)


When booking a walk with us for the first time, a 20min consult needs to be booked prior to the walk. Your dog will familiarise themselves with your assigned dog trainer and see them within their home. We will confirm any specific issues you face while walking your dog and explain what will be covered.

If walk involves water play or is in wet weather your walker will towel try your pup before leaving them at home. If you wish them to be bathed and dried, facilities and supplies must be provided and a small fee will be charged. Ask your walker for more details.

  • Simple, easy and effective! Book, meet your trainer, head to work, get a photo of your exhausted dog, come home to a happy, exercised pup and be emailed your training debrief!

  • Professional, experience dog trainers, who's priority is your dogs safety and well-being

  • Introduce loose lead walking (no pulling), sit/wait at curb, wait to cross, relaxed heel (if requested) and more. Have your dog listening to your commands during your walks to ensure you can stay in-control and keep yourself, your dog and others safe

  • Great way to break up the day to prevent easily bored dogs looking to entertain themselves

  • Text and photo sent once your dog has been dropped home

  • Receive emailed training debrief containing maps, photos, progress report and trainer notes on achievements and area in need of improvement

Note: This service requires your assigned dog walker to gain access to your property while you are at work or away.

*Puppies under 5 months will be destination training with short walks only, this is to ensure minimal impact on their growing bodies.


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