@ 18 May 2022

Business Update!

  • Group Classes We offer an online booking system for Baby Puppy and Senior Puppy classes, please note you will need to pay in full when making the booking. Have a look under Services

  • Private consults are available for returning clients, vet referrals, therapy or assistance dogs within 15kms of Penrith. Please email all private consult inquiries. Look under Contact.

  • We are focusing on services within Penrith LGA for 2022.

  • Our priority is to spend time with our clients, being a small business answering the phone and responding to voicemails is challenging. The best way to contact us is by email providing details so we can be helpful with preparation. Look under Contact. 



Our goal is for you to develop a strong, positive relationship with your dog. Utilising force free, positive reinforcement training techniques allows training to be fun for both you and your dog. We want a happy, confident and independent dog that is able to make good decisions and be rewarded for it.

Dandy Dog Training offers small group classes along with private sessions in our training space or in your home.  We can help you with loose leash walking, jumping, toileting in the house, barking, digging in the garden, mouthing/biting, chewing, as well as develop that well-mannered dandy dog that you always wanted.

Things we don’t do or use whilst training, use choker chains, slip leads, pop leashes, throw chains at fences, shake cans filled with coins, yell at dogs, frighten dogs into shutdown, water squirts, shock collars/e-collars, hold dogs on the ground (alpha roll). We don't use out of date dominance methods and other harmful actions that can spoil your dog’s confidence, nature and your bond.

We like to keep training fun, affordable and easy to understand. 

Lassie, Ladybel, Tinkerbel Christmas Por