Do you have a dapper dog?  Sometimes we fall into some pitfalls with our cute fur balls and then it becomes a big problem impacting the whole family household.  We enable families to bring back those dandy respectable manners for a harmonious family household. 

Are you a parent or guardian looking for a way for your child, teenager or adult with special needs to have a companion dog? Is this your first dog and you’re not sure how to train it? Or would you like your child to have one-on-one training, tailored just for them?

Are you too busy to walk or train your dog? Is your dog’s birthday coming up and you’d like to give them a special adventure outing? Are you lost with loose leash training your puppy or too busy – we can come to you and train your dog.

Do you have a group of friends, perhaps in a social dog club and you would like to refresh your obedience training together; learn café manners so you can all socialise and have a dandy time together? We can tailor specialised training just for you! 

Lassie, Ladybel, Tinkerbel Christmas Por