Is your little ragamuffin running amuck through the house? Well my friend, we have a program for you!

We tailor private training sessions to your individual needs and methods can be modified to better suit the learning ability of your little fur ball.  All ages and short of stature dogs under 15kgs are welcome for private training. Lessons are conducted in the convenience of your home or in a public location close to where you live.

We work with

  • Out of control dogs

  • Jumping dogs

  • Excessive barking

  • Dog/People Aggression

  • Leash Walking

  • Socialising

All types my good fellow! No small dog is too much for us. In a matter of weeks your little ragamuffin will become a respectable member of the canine community.

We will provide a quote after discussing with you a training program. We recommend buying a package, as it helps you the owner make the commitment in ensuring they continue training at home until the next training session. If the owner isn’t committed to learn and make changes in their life for the betterment of their dog, progress will be slow.

There are some particular situations where we can train your dog, for instance sit and stay at the front door when a visitor arrives. Or your dog walks between your house and the garage without running away. In those situations we will train your dog what to do and then we will teach you how to instruct your dog and continue training. Remember that saying: If you don’t use it you lose it! It’s the same for dogs!


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