If you missed out on baby puppy school or would like to continue building you and your puppies skills, this class can help you.

We offer a five week course with each class running for 1 hour. The first class is puppy free where we cover theory, equipment and discuss what will be happening in the course and what to prepare.

Our venue is located in Penrith at Building E1, 1 Salmon Close, Penrith.  (corner of Castlereagh Road and Andrews Road)  The training room is equipped with seating and your own training zone to focus on working with your puppy.

  • Upcoming classes are approximately every 3 weeks on either Saturday or Sundays.

  • We have up to five puppies in a class so we can give you personal attention.

  • The Senior Puppy School course total cost is $250. Prepayment is required to reserve your place in the class.

  • ​Please note there are no refunds for cancellations 7 days before the class start date. Booking cancellations will incur an administration fee and online charge of $50.

  • Important: Should a Covid-19 lockdown be in place at any time during the program, classes will be performed via a Zoom video session.

We aim to assist in enabling puppies to be exposed to experiences in a positive manner. This program aims to provide some of these experiences in a safe and controlled environment.  Socialisation occurs when puppies are in the presence of people and other puppies. It is very important that senior puppies learn to be calm around other dogs. Therefore we aim to find a balance between interactions and activities with space to develop calm behaviours.

Aims for our Senior Puppy Program


  • Respond to name

  • Look at you on cue and give eye contact

  • Give/take (swap)

  • Sit when asked

  • Drop when asked

  • Stay with owner

  • Greet people without jumping

  • Developing settle on mat for extended times

  • Progression of recall with mild distractions (come)

  • Accept collar holds and tolerate extended gentle restraint

  • Beginnings of loose leash walking

Owner education

  • Positive reinforcement training how does it work and what’s the benefits

  • Handling and grooming

  • Understanding and managing normal puppy behaviour, jumping, mouthing, digging, toileting

  • Child safety and boundaries

  • Interpreting body language and what to do (fear and developing a confident pup)

  • How to be a humane trainer and strengthen the bond between you and your dog

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15 to 22 weeks of age